Representing California’s Catholic System and Hospitals

Catholic health care providers have been witnessing their commitment to the healing ministry by serving California communities for over 150 years. Today, two Catholic health care systems and three independent hospitals operate 52 Catholic and community-based affiliated hospitals throughout California.  They are committed to providing the highest quality health care to their patients and improving the overall health and well-being of their communities. Together, Catholic health care providers comprise 16 percent of California’s hospitals.

The Alliance of Catholic Health Care strengthens the Catholic health care ministry in California by providing a statewide forum in which ministry leaders collaborate on advocacy, ministry leadership formation, Church relations and other issues that enhance the common good.  Through the Alliance, California’s Catholic health care systems and hospitals together advocate for:

Serving Those in Need

Advocate for expanded health insurance coverage and access for all residents of California. Health care is a basic human right.
Provide leadership on behalf of public policies that promote the health and well-being of communities, with a particular emphasis on the needs of the poor and underserved.

Promoting Not-for-Profit Health Care

Promote and preserve the not-for-profit mission in health care delivery and support efforts to enhance this sector’s capacity to serve patients and communities. 

Strengthening Medicare and Medi-Cal

Advocate for adequate funding of the Medi-Cal (Medicaid) and Medicare programs. 

Protecting Religious Freedom

Preserve the ability of Catholic and other religious organizations to deliver health care consistent with their religious beliefs and values.