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Palliative Care/End of Life

The Catholic health care ministry has long supported public policies and programs that address the special needs of persons at the end of life.  In the face of repeated attempts to legalize assisted suicide in California, the Ministry must be proactive in promoting positive alternatives to this troubling policy proposal.  The Alliance and the Catholic health ministry will continue to promote the implementation of Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) throughout California, including implementation of policies and engagement in community coalitions, and will continue to provide leadership to statewide palliative care and end of life coalitions.

Whole Person Care Initiative
pdficon_largeWhole Person Care Initiative Introduction: May 16, 2017
pdficon_largeWhole Person Care Initiative Overview Slide Deck: May 16, 2017

End of Life Options Act pdficon_largeCalifornia's End of Life Act:
Area Hospitals Draw Line in Sand for Aid-in-Dying Law: Ventura Star: June 21, 2016
pdficon_large KCET SOCAL Connected: Aid-In-Dying
April 2016
pdficon_large California's End of Life Act:
Some Doctors Question Were to Draw the Line
LA Times: June 6, 2016
pdficon_large Aid-in-Dying: Not So Easy
California Healthline: April 29, 2016
pdficon_large Opponents Say Assisted Suicide 
Legalization Push is Unrelenting 
CHA-USA: March 15, 2016
pdficon_large What California Providers Will do
When Asked to Help Patients Die
Modern Healthcare: March 11, 2016
pdficon_largeEnd of Life Options Act Concent Manual
California Hospital Association (2016
pdficon_largeAB2x15 (Eggman) - End of Life Option Act

pdficon_largePOLST FAQ - December 2015

POLST Articles

pdficon_large Bioethics Brief - Issue Nine (POLST)
December 2015

pdficon_largeCMA's White Paper, "The POLST 
Paradigm and Forum:  "Facts and Analysis" 
Health Care Ethics USA - Summer 2013
pdficon_large Health Care Ethics USA - Winter 2012 pdficon_large POLST Supports Care in Context of ERDs   
Health Progress - November/December 2012
pdficon_large POLST Orders Are Not Dangerous
Ethics & Medics - October 2010
pdficon_large POLST Reflects Patient Wishes
Health Progress - March/April 2011

POLST Form/Policies
pdficon_large California POLST Form - 2016
New POLST Form Valid Janaury 1, 2016

pdficon_large Model Policies for General Acute Care 
Hospitals - Coalition for Compassionate Care
December 2015

Ethical and Religious Directive 58
pdficon_large Q&A Ethical and Religious Directive 58
November 2009

Palliative Care
pdficon_largeThe State of Pallative Care in 
California's Catholic Hospital

September 2008

pdficon_largeWhen Compassion Is The Cure:
The Case for Hospital-Based Pallative Care
California Healthcare Foundation - 2008

Physician Assisted Suicide
pdficon_large SB 128 (Wolk Monning)
End of Life Options Act -1/20/14

pdficon_large SB 128 (Wolk-Monning)
End of Life Options Act: Snate Advocacy
Toolkit - 03/02/15

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